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Gilo Raichha-New Nepali Short Movie -2019

Here is a short new Nepali movie publish by Digital Nepal on Youtube. This is a romantic short movie where we can see girl and boy flirting in a secret romantic place. The girl is more aged than a boy. The boy looks like 20 but the girl is looks like 30. The girl is flirting with the boy. She is kissing him, she is holding his hand and kissing him. She ask to tell him where he is from, asking him to go some other place for more fun. When they are going to another place, suddenly the boy fall from height and died.

Gilo Raichha-New Nepali Short Movie -2019

There is no story in this video. This is just for fun. This type of movies can be found in web hugely. The title of this video is saying that the boy died when trying to do romance. The video is limited in a title. You can know what the video is about by the title of this video.

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