New Panchebaja Song Bihe Bhako Chhaina ll By Bikram Pariyar & Shanti Pariyar 2075


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New Nepali Panche Baja Lok Song “Bihe Bhayako Chhaina”


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Song Title : Bihe Bhayako Chhaina

Vocal : Bikram Pariyar and Shanta Pariyar

Music and Lyrics : Bikram Pariyar

Producer : Mina Thapa

Production and Distribution : Tea TIme Music PVt LTd

Direction : Madan Khadka

Editing : Hum Gaire

Camera : Tanka KC

Arranger : Indra GC

Recording Milan Pachbhaiya

Video Made by : Tea TIme Music PVt LTd

New Panchebaja Song Bihe Bhako Chhaina ll By Bikram Pariyar & Shanti Pariyar 2075

Melodic instruments have ended up being one of the significant wellsprings of diversion from the main opening penetrated in a mountain man’s bone woodwind, to Pythagoras’ proportions, to the PC synthesizers of today. Melodic creation went up against extra symphonious multifaceted nature amid this time, as writers found approaches to use the new assets.

Innovation made melodic multifaceted nature and the requirement for changing sound in later years. Individuals are becoming acclimated to the cutting edge instruments as they are anything but difficult to utilize, and loads of organizations give preparing for utilization of such instruments. The more youthful age, who should safeguard the convention and culture of our precursors, are quite affected by Western music.

Pahche Baja conventional society melodic instruments are presently in a bad position because of the expanding interest for Western music. There should be a change so Panche Baja entertainers can play expertly. At that point individuals from around the globe will have a chance to find out about the importance of Nepal’s conventional melodic instruments.

Panche Baja is a gathering of five conventional Nepali melodic instruments that are played amid propitious events. The jhurma, tyamko, or dholaki (drums), damaha (kettledrum), narsiha (a long horn-like instrument), Sanai (a pipe instrument), and Karnal, (a major mouthed instrument include the Panche Baja.

Panche Baja is utilized in heavenly functions like marriage. Be that as it may, presently this framework is discovered just in the provincial zones where individuals living in neediness can’t manage the cost of cutting edge melodic groups. So individuals living in the towns are protecting Nepal’s custom and culture.



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