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Aliza Goutam Rishi Dhamala Wife New Amazing Videos Compilation Tik Tok Nepal

One of the unmistakable writer Rishi Dhamala is the organizer of Nepali Journalist Association, Reporters Club Nepal. He runs a portion of the immense shows from the Past. His present show “Dhamalako Hamala ” is one of the questionable show. He has picked up a great deal of notoriety because of his dubious nature.

Rishii Dhamala is celebrated as a result of the thing that he has hitched Aliza who is twenty years more youthful than him and his method for making the inquiry to the gathering of people is entirely unexpected. Other than he is said that he shows up adjacent to each camera he sees amid any photography session.

Adolescence And Education

Conceived with the name Durga Prasad Dhamala, Rishi Dhamala spent his adolescence from his origination Dhading. He at that point finished his tutoring from Village school. Nonetheless, it is disputable whether he finished his SLC degree or not. He has said himself that he finished his SLC and is examining MBA.

Vocation Development

Not long after finishing of his tutoring, he moved to the capital where he began his profession in reporting. Beginning from little entry daily paper media he contributed a considerable measure to the Nepalese Journalism. He has been condemned for some, interviews incorporating a meeting with Nepal’s main cricket Player Paras Khadka. Other than discourteousness amid his meeting with other individuals from the film business and different legislators is likewise profoundly scrutinized. Sandeep Chhetri in a meeting show how he used to take a meeting with the general population and in a similar way, he solicited some from the dubious inquiries that was encompassing him.Married Life With Aliza Gautam

The prominent writer is hitched to an excellent young lady, who is substantially more youthful than him. She once said in a meeting that the two began to look all starry eyed at when they initially met in a service work. She said that she went gaga for him and she was seeing the all that she has needed her life on him and along these lines she settled on the choice to get in a conjugal association with this individual.

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Other than numerous disputable angles, he was once captured and was in police authority for around three months for the case identified with fear mongering and kill. So experiencing numerous challenges he has possessed the capacity to carry on with a glad existence with his delightful spouse and thinks about each trouble as a wellspring of rectification.

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“Pardeshiko Parkhai” By Bishnu Majhi, Khemraj BK & Hari DK

New Nepali Dashain Song Video 2018/2075 “Pardeshiko Parkhai” By Bishnu Majhi, Khemraj BK & Hari DK only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

Right for this video is provided by Meshana Digital Music Pvt Ltd.

Nepali Dashain Song – Pardeshiko Parkhai
Singer – Bishnu Majhi, Khemraj BK & Hari DK
Lyrics – Amit Babu Rokaya
Music – Roshan Pariyar
Artists – Sarika KC, Durgesh Thapa, Susmita Giri & Gaurav
Camera- Suresh Shrestha
Editor – Sujan Shahi
Director – Kapil Lama

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Meshana Digital Pvt LTd Present’s

Roshan Pariyar’s New Nepali lok Folk Dashain Song

“Pardeshi ko Parkhai”

Mobile Ringback Tone Code For this song

CRBT : 0784145, PRBT : 70220738, Smart : 70116820, Digi : 1620715, Maxis : 582469 and Zain : 186004

Amid the long stretch of Kartik (late September and early October), the Nepalese individuals enjoy the greatest celebration of the year, Dashain. Dashain is the longest and the most favorable celebration in the Nepalese yearly date-book, celebrated by Nepalese of all rank and statement of faith all through the nation. The fifteen long periods of festivity happens amid the brilliant lunar fortnight finishing upon the arrival of the full moon. Exhaustive out the kingdom of Nepal the goddess Durga in the entirety of her indications are loved with incalculable pujas, bottomless contributions and a huge number of creature penances for the custom sacred washing, consequently soaking the goddess for a considerable length of time in blood.

Dashain remembers an awesome triumph of the divine beings over the underhanded evil presences. One of the triumph stories told is the Ramayan, where the master Ram after a major battle butchered Ravana, the savage lord of evil spirits. It is said that master Ram was effective in the fight just when goddess Durga was evoked. The primary festival commends the triumph of good over insidiousness and is symbolized by goddess Durga killing the awful devil Mahisasur, who threatened the earth in the appearance of a merciless water wild ox. The initial nine days imply the nine long stretches of ferrous fight between goddess Durga and the evil spirit Mahisasur. The tenth day is the day when Mahisasur was killed and the most recent five days symbolize the festival of the triumph with the gift of the goddess. Dashain is praised with incredible cheer, and goddess Durga is venerated all through the kingdom as the celestial mother goddess.

In anticipation of Dashain each house is washed down and delightfully finished, painted as a solicitation to the mother goddess, so she may visit and favor the house with favorable luck. Amid this time the get-together of far off and adjacent relatives happen in each family. The market is loaded up with customers looking for new dress, blessings, extravagances and huge supplies of sanctuary offering for the divine beings, and in addition foodstuffs for the family devouring. A huge number of sheep, goats, ducks, chicken and water bison are set up for the immense butcher. A wide range of associations are shut for ten to fifteen days. Workers are relatively difficult to discover; from the poor to the rich, all appreciate the merry disposition. Anyplace you go the fragrance of ‘Vijaya Dashami’ is found.

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