Archana Paneru is a Nepali hot model, motion picture on-screen character, and a yearning p0rn star. Archana Paneru was conceived in 1999 in the Bhasi town of Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur. Emphatically upheld by her mom Sunita Paneru, Archana cases to make a big appearance as Nepal’s first expert p)rn-star.


Before entering sensual displaying, Archana went to Little Buddha Academy Mahendranagar and was the second sprinter off in Price and Princess of Mahendranagar magnificence challenge. Following the media outrages including her naked photographs, Archana was purportedly removed from the school.


Archana has more than once said in media meets that she takes Bolloywood on-screen character and previous p0rn-star Sunny Leone as a motivation. A few people have contrasted Archana and another famous previous s#xual Nepali model in the USA, Bindu Pariyar. Bindu’s case, notwithstanding, was of human trafficking and impulse, though, Archana is said to do everything deliberately.

In July 2015, Archana and her mom Sunita were captured by the Nepal Police for open profanity as the twosome continued posting indecent and bare photographs on the web. The police sorted out a directing session and requested that them not multiply foulness in the delicate Nepali culture. Apparently, they concurred not to proceed with their past activities and, along these lines, were discharged from the police care.

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