KETI JISKAUDA II II New Nepali Short Movie – 2018


Here is a video of a two boy and a girl. The two boy are friends and when they are walking they see a girl and started to teasing her. She is unknown, they boys and a girl don’t know each other but the boy’s start teasing her and they try to pull up her frock. They speak in different language, after some time the girl became irritated and she pull up her dress and shows them her private body part. This is a very funny video which is published in youtube by Kalinchowkdigital.

KETI JISKAUDA II II New Nepali Short Movie – 2018

Teasing is also called harassment which is common in our country Nepal. The streets of Nepal and the fully packed vehicles in Kathmandu valley are the major unsafe place for women and girls.

A companion of mine had once posted a long, furious message on Facebook some time back. It was about eve-prodding. A group of young men had taken after her one day, manhandling her verbally, and she had been not able do anything. She had even called me to discuss the lament she was feeling about not having taken care of the young men’s prodding, she said it resembled they had won.

This was not the principal such story I’d heard in my life. My own particular sister had let me know of how a person had pulled at her shawl at the transport station in Gaushala. I have additionally seen such conduct myself once in a while, saying a remark mysteries in a couple of those cases yet staying calm—only a spectator in the midst of a pack of rowdies—on others.

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Most young ladies in the city get a call from home when it begins getting dim outside. While children can appreciate can evening out without their folks worrying so much, young ladies can’t do likewise. The inquiry at that point is the thing that may be finished? Despite the fact that there’s no single answer, I believe it’s advantageous to leave a couple of notes for the two young ladies—who are the casualties for this situation, and young men—who are the guilty parties.




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