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In Nepal, three assault cases are accounted for consistently. Numerous more cases go unreported. Ladies and young ladies are not sheltered whether they are at home, school, road, open transport or the work environment.

The casualties of assault as a rule keep the episode a mystery for reasons of renown, respect and their future. Such a disposition with respect to the casualty enables the offender to meander aimlessly with no dread of judgment or discipline. Indeed, even those that do get caught don’t get serious discipline.


Nepali short movie ll New nepali short movie ll Sachet Rahau Soch Badalau

Assault cases on increment

Lately, assault cases have achieved scourge levels in the Terai area in light of the fact that the culprits go scot free, as well as are frequently remunerated for their wrongdoing.

Two years prior in Mahottari, a young lady was constrained into a sugarcane field and sexually mishandled by Farmud Ansari and Murduj Ansari. They were captured, yet as opposed to rebuffing them, local people latched the young lady’s home and ousted her from the town for having “adulterated” the nearby adolescents. Subsequent to looking for assistance from the police and political pioneers, the young lady got a pay of Rs. 40,000, half of which was taken by the interceding all-party pioneers as a gift for their ‘locale improvement subsidize’.

A year ago, a 17-year-old young lady in Mahottari’s Bairganiya town was assaulted by 25-year-old Ranjit Das who likewise shot the occurrence and flowed the moment long video through portable and YouTube. At the point when the neighborhood experts were educated about the wrongdoing, rather than rebuffing the charged, they worked together with the nearby fat cats to compel the casualty to wed the culprit. Das is currently in guardianship, yet the video is being sold by means of telephone, and has even achieved Qatar and Malaysia.

In August, an additional 17-year-old young lady from a similar locale was assaulted by Ahmed Miya, who got his companion to record the follow up on his cell phone. By incident, a young fellow from their town saw the video on a telephone in Qatar and cautioned the young lady’s family. However, rather than capturing the denounced, great men in the town constrained the young lady to wed her attacker.

A 18-year-old young lady from Mahottari was pack assaulted with no attempt at being subtle while she was conveying water from the mutual well as of late. Police captured every one of them and took their case to the area police office. In any case, the young lady’s family pulled back the objection after the intense local people put weight on them.

“They undermined us, we are poor what would we be able to do? So we pulled back the case,” the young lady’s mom said.

Eleven assault cases have been enrolled in Rautahat alone in the previous year, of which nine have been settled through a composed understanding after the casualty’s family was debilitated. Every one of the 17 assault cases were enrolled at the Women’s Cell of Rautahat. Police have been not able make a move because of neighborhood weight. In Mahottari, 16 assault cases have been pending in the courts for as far back as three years. Since the police are an assistant as go betweens, numerous casualties presently take their cases to a ladies’ rights aggregate in Jaleswor where 37 cases are enlisted.

In an ongoing case in Kalaiya, a six-year-old assault casualty surrendered to wounds while experiencing treatment at the Kanti Children’s Hospital on March 8 while the world was watching the 105th International Women’s Day. She was admitted to the clinic on February 22 following a merciless assault. The young lady was found in an oblivious state at a junk transfer site of Kalaiya-6 on the morning of February 21. She was at first taken to the Narayani Sub Regional Hospital in Birgunj and later conveyed to the Kanti Hospital for encourage treatment. The culprit of the wrongdoing has been condemned to 35 years in jail.

There are numerous all the more such episodes which go unreported in the media, and assault for deliver has turned into a flourishing business as a result of exemption. Huge numbers of the casualties are minors abused by neighbors, educators and relatives, yet are constrained into a settlement.

The attackers who originate from intense families never get rebuffed, the casualties who are poor never get equity on the grounds that the police themselves work to conceal the wrongdoing and work out a game plan. Assault is certainly not a sexual wrongdoing; it anticipates brutality and power profoundly established in the Terai’s man centric society.

Genuine peace and equity are conceivable just without savagery against ladies. In each town and in each city, ladies are the casualties of aggressive behavior at home. There are no recovery focuses or camps for the casualties to recuperate from the brutality. Therefore, a circumstance has been made where ladies can’t report the brutality against them because of dread and absence of security. The greater part of the ladies don’t answer to the police division for expect that it will convey shame to the family’s name. Rather, they unobtrusively endure the outrage.

In numerous remote spots, ladies can’t answer to the police because of the land area. In this circumstance, the media can assume a vital part in displaying what is going on in the general public to the overall population. Since some time, the media has been offering significance to ladies’ issues. There have been occurrences where the guilty parties have been captured following distribution of news in the media.



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