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New Nepali Teej Song 2075 | Janna Farkera जान्न फर्केर | Preeti Ale | Prachanda GC Ft~Dipasha Bc

Watch new Nepali teej lok dohori song janna farkera by Preeti Ale, Prachand GC & Jhalak sangeetam only on Aalap Studio’s official YouTube channel.


Aalap Studio Presents :- Teej song 2075
#PreetiAle #NewTeejsong #Teej2075



Video Credits:-
Director:- Subash KC
Cinematographer:- Karan chaisir
Editor:- Pravin Bhatta
Artists:- Surbir Pandit, dipasha bc,Sarada giri, Begam Nepali “Bhatbhate Maila”, Chandra Sharma,Subash kc,deepak bhandari,Narayan Khadka, Usha Subedi,sarad Adhikari,Yadav Yogi,Santosh Kuwar,Deenesh Kc,Asmita Gaha & Villegers

© Aalap Studio

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Sweta Khadka’s Sudden Surgery after tumor is seen

Kathmandu After seeing the tumor, actress Shweta Khadka, has been undergone surgery in India. She has given information through social network that her operation is successful.

Here is a Google Translated Version of News

Shweta had reached London for her new movie ‘Hello Life’. She told her to be unhealthy after having a few days there.

Sweta Khadka’s Sudden Surgery after tumor is seen

Sweta has written, “A few days before my departure to London, I was mischievous. Tumor was seen while consulting the doctor. However, the doctors says not to be scared because this is a normal tumer and doctor says that it can be treat  even a few months later, will be given surgery. However, the problem was again reversed in London. After the pain and the fever, I came to the hospital without drinking. The doctor suggested that he should be soon done as soon as possible.

Shweta Khadka says – It should be time to teach everything
Then Shweta was brought from London to New Delhi. Dr. Surendra Kumar Davas informed that Shueta, who has been successful in her successful operation.

‘Unable to work in hello life’

Shrestha has expressed disappointment saying that no new movie ‘hello life’ can not be taken forward.

She wrote, ‘Life again played another game with me. In fact, it is true that life is uncertain. The plans you have made are just a few seconds. I would like to inform you that I will no longer be able to work in my new movie hello. However, once again I have overcome the horrible situation. ‘

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