Nepali comedy Tele-film, SARBA SATYANASH सर्ब सत्यनास ( part – 7 ) By Ganesh Upadhayay


Nepali entertainer Manoj Gajurel got dangers for mimicking the ruler when the little Himalayan nation was as yet controlled by a Hindu government. Today he is focusing on another ground-breaking figure, US President Donald Trump.

Nepali comedy Tele-film, SARBA SATYANASH सर्ब सत्यनास ( part – 7 ) By Ganesh Upadhayay

Wearing Trump’s trademark blue suit and red tie and finished with a light wig, Gajurel swaggers in front of an audience where his Trump conflicts with a noticeable Nepali columnist known for making amazing inquiries.

“This is the phony media,” Gajurel yells in an American drawl that still has a trace of his local Nepali, to commendation and giggling from the group of onlookers.

Washington might be far away, yet the blustering land investor turned government official still resounds with groups of onlookers in the little Himalayan country.

“World governmental issues is currently extremely thin. On the off chance that something occurs in America, in Nepal it is likewise associated. That is the reason I picked Donald Trump,” Gajurel said in his confined changing area after the show.

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