New Teej Song 2075/2018 | Aaina Baini Nabhane Dajai – Rajan Karki & Laxmi Baral Ft. Mahendra,Susmita


Ashish Muisc Pvt LTd Present’s

Laxmi Baral’s New Nepali Lok Teej Folk Song

“Aaina Baini Nabhana Dajai”


New Teej Song 2075/2018 | Aaina Baini Nabhane Dajai – Rajan Karki & Laxmi Baral Ft. Mahendra,Susmita

Right for this video is provided by Ashish Music Pvt.Ltd.

Nepali Teej Song – Aaina Baini Nabhane Dajai
Singer – Rajan Karki & Laxmi Baral
Lyrics – Rajendra Dhakal
Music – Ghanashyam Tiwari
Artists – Mahendra Gautam & Susmita Sapkota
Editor – Nabin Gharti Magar
Camera – Durga Poudel
Director – Durga Poudel

#Musicnepal #Newteejsong #Maitikosharana

© Music Nepal. All Rights Reserved.

Commending borther-sister relationship is a piece of Vedic culture watched the greater part of the families who like this culture. It is seen with enthusiasm in Indiain subcontinent, these days generally in remote towns. Naamhat Boxtel advances this and welcomed on eighteenth October around fifty Bhutanese and around 50 Nepalese living in The Netherlands to celebrate together. Anyway just a single of them gave the accentuation and its was commended – see Video.

Vedic culture holds onto everybody to celebrate as one family. The conviction isthat all the people are one family, including creatures on the grounds that everybody of us are nevertheless offspring of God. God is One anyway we call him in various names as indicated by individuals’understanding and dialect. Connection is something unique that remaining parts interminable. Everthing on earth would one be able to day winds up, yet relationship is certainly not an impermanent bond. A mother is dependably a mother. A sister is dependably a sister. In the event that the relationship isn’t repected the general public fall in mayhem and war breaks out. The approaching connection to celebrate is that we as a whole re offspring of God Krsna, preeminent dad.

To empower family bond, men welcomes to their sisters amid Teej celebration. At that point the sisters welcome their siblings for Tihar celebration, ie amid the celebration of light, by putting Rakshabandan. In the middle of this people go to meet their elderly individuals and clerics amid Dasara and look for their favors. This welcome to praise sibling/sister relationship isn’t constrained inside kindred spirit sisters. They welcome to come into this family bond anybody they like independent of station, shading, confidence and ethinicity. The sacredness of such bond relies upon the character of the person. So the ISKCON commits to develop great character, the characteristics of fans.



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