Purai Kholera Dekhayapachi | Festive in Nepal

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Teej alludes to the rainstorm celebrations, watched especially in western and northern conditions of India and Nepal. The celebrations praise the abundance of nature, entry of mists and rain, greenery and winged creatures with social movement, ceremonies and traditions

The celebrations for ladies, incorporate moving, singing, getting together with companions and recounting stories, sprucing up with henna-hued hands and feet, donning red, green or yellow garments, sharing merry foods, and playing under trees on swings on Haryali Teej


Purai Kholera Dekhayapachi | Festive in Nepal

The celebrations are committed, in numerous parts of India and Nepal, to Parvati

Teej is a celebration celebrated by Nepali ladies, for the long existence of her significant other and long and firm connection between them until the demise this life and every one of the lives to come. Teej is watched for conjugal joy, prosperity of life partner and kids and decontamination of claim body and soul. Teej is the most well known celebration among Nepali ladies.

Purai Kholera Dekhayapachi | Festive in Nepal

The society music and moves add more flavor to customary estimations of Teej. It is captivating to see ladies, in “Red” moving and singing in the city, going to sanctuary in heavenly and fasting temperament. Teej is additionally called Hari Talika Teej. This celebration is commended by Nepali Hindu ladies all over the world.

Teej is a little red creepy crawly that leaves the dirt amid the blustery season. It is said Teej got its name from a similar red creepy crawly. That is the reason Teej is praised in red.



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