Fan Misbehaved With Samantha Badly

Samantha Ruth prabhu, the prominent on-screen character of South India has encountered a terrible episode now in her vocation. The on-screen character who was in Madurai for the opening of a show room. Not surprisingly, as a result of her fan following a great deal of fans have turned at the show space to have a look at their most loved on-screen character. In any case, what turned the occasion more regrettable is the trouble making of some finished energetic fans.

Fan Misbehaved With Samantha Badly

Samantha was mobbed by the fans. When she is at the show room, a fan approached her and attempted to touch her private part which is extremely a silly thing. Samantha who was stunned with this demonstration promptly endeavored to leave the place however a portion of the fans have punctured the auto tire and a vulnerable Samantha quickly hurried into the show room.

Later on the show room individuals educated the police who achieved the show room and securely helped Samantha to leave the place.

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