Maryo Facebook Le – Mohit Bishwokarma & Muna Thapa Magar Ft. Karishma


Here is a new song sang by popular singer Muna Thapa. Muna Thapa Magar is Singer. She was conceived on eighth August in Siling, Lamachap Manakamana Gorkha. Her horoscope is Leo. Her conjugal status is Single. Her tallness is 5 feet 1 inches. Her most loved shading is Bollywood, all music is Bina Kumari Dura, most loved nourishment is Nepali, most loved place is Pokhara.

Muna is the most prominent vocalist of Lokodohori artist. He was conceived in the Gorkha Mankamana Siling Lamachhap, and adored the tune from singing, singing, and singing. She wanted to move notwithstanding when she was more youthful.

New Lok Dohori 2074/2018 | Maryo Facebook Le – Mohit Bishwokarma & Muna Thapa Magar Ft. Karishma

He never knew how to sing. His dad in-law Bhagwati Thapa Magar had a decent voice. Fupu sang tunes. They were talked about all through the town. Individuals originated from far away to sing twofold in different religious, social and social occasions in the town.

Puppy’s empathy could likewise be gotten a kick out of the chance to sing. Old stories, Zyoure and Lokdohori town.

She heard that tune on the radio. She cherished the tune of Bikakari Durra. Bikkari’s’ distinction ‘is the situation of Silo Dai, this is your own particular home,’ ‘Alo ki town’, ‘Don’t recollect the recognition of mother’. The vast majority of his tunes are lukewise. Every year, Ekadashi used to be a reasonable all over. There was a pattern of legends. It was an opposition. To begin with, there was a breakdown of the second. At the earliest opportunity, there was a distinction between companions. There were likewise numerous patriots from that point, including one year team.

There was a group of negligible companions Manju Thapa and his brother by marriage Kursing Thapa group. There were numerous groups contending. Manju and Kursing Thapa were likewise enlisted with the same.

In any case, the voice of a man was touched while getting ready for a similar rivalry for that night. She was not able sing. The opposition was additionally a piece of the opposition. Reviling is additionally a decent voice for the substance of the sari. On the off chance that you need to take a lead. She top the twofold. He was that day out of the blue the stage was finished. A similar rivalry was the same. That year was – 058 years.

Everybody in the opposition commended the tone. The town was talked about that the mind-set could sing admirably. He additionally got more energized. From that same day, I felt that I could sing folkdoors. Also, intrigue was sent.

Reviling acquired Kathmandu to record the melodies the place of Morning. She won the melody in the collection ‘Rakesh Thapa’ and ‘Chandam Pariyar’ in ‘Manamamana Kabbalkar’. The melody recorded at the RCRC studio of Putithasak went exceptionally well in the town. Neighborhood level raised.

He came to Kathmandu twice out of the blue. There he saw Raju Pariyar, Sakunala Thapa, Balisera Thapa, Sheela Aale and different craftsmen. It was an extraordinary joy to get a broadly prestigious craftsman, man’s group, and sing tunes that he needed. Sheila was exceptionally bustling on the grounds that she was extremely occupied. In this manner, chief of Dabhan, silk Gurung, encouraged the Maoist to remain in charge. Be that as it may, the plants which originated from the town did not go to the disconnected place, to live with a new individual and returned home.

In February 06, Ganesh Gurung of the town (who is known as a twofold sibling) additionally came to work twice at night. She worked three years in that twentieth night.

While playing in ‘Dobhana’, Mana sang the tune ‘Shakha Pooi’ of Sakutala Thapa, which turned out to be exceptionally famous. It didn’t simply set up the status, was additionally famous as a craftsman.

Danny likewise took a shot at the twofold night evening, ‘Destitute house’ by Chuck Milan, called Don. The twofold opens with an eminent physical structure, if the chakre’s triangle is shut in three months. Subsequent to shutting ‘against house’ house, ‘Silk Furyiri’ of Lalitpur worked twice at night.

Muna met Ramji Khand, Shiva Hamal in ‘Silam Riri’. She scorched the melody “B” in the collection ‘Bhattapalal of Devurli’ of Khulla and Amalam. This tune additionally tuned in to the group of onlookers and the gathering of people.

After the two tunes of their tone went into the market, Anna started to consider evacuating her own collection. She was pondering in Kathmandu, went to know and develop with performers. He headed out. What’s more, the principal prohibited collection ‘Little girl’. The collection comprised of 5 tunes included three society tunes and two people tunes. This collection, discharged in 066, sold 15,000 duplicates. Business Average

Muna has got five collections named ‘girl’, ‘little girl section 2’, ‘Pancha baja’, ” You are great snicker ‘and’ Failure in the race ‘.Munna has taken off more than four thousand melodies till now.

Bhawana Muisc Solution Pvt LTd Present’s

Deepakraj B.C.’s New Nepali Folk Song

“Maryo Facebook le”


New Lok Dohori Video 2018/2074 “Maryo Fac

ebook Le” By Mohit Bishwokarma & Muna Thapa Magar only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

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Nepali Genre Song – Maryo Facebook Le
Singer – Mohit Bishwokarma & Muna Thapa Magar
Lyrics – Shiva BC & Chandra Tamang
Music – Mohit Bishwokarma
Artists – Karishma, Dipak, Suren & Tika
Editor – Rajesh Kumar
Camera – Prakash Khadka
Director – Bikram Chauhan



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