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This movie is about a fake doctor. The girl who has itching problem goes to the doctor and found that the doctor who is checking her was a fake doctor. This is a very sensitive case. This is a story which is also happened in Nepal. These days you can find many medical stores in city areas. There are lots of doctors and some of them are fake. A group of Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has captured 36 specialists who had been embracing restorative calling based on ‘counterfeit’ scholarly endorsement.The names of those captured were made open on Sunday.


The capture was made after an examination by Nepal Medical Council (NMC) and Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB).

Among the captured, 30 guys and 6 are females.

CIB educated that an examination is in progress in the wake of looking for legal care from Kathmandu District Court.

Preparatory examination uncovers that 35 out of 36 had joined the activity demonstrating copy authentications acquired from various schools of Indian province of Bihar.

Names of those captured

1, Name: Punam Karna

Lasting location: Bataha-3, Mahotteri

Brief address: Kapan

Association: Jharana Pharmacy, Kapan

NMC num: 8888

2, Name: Buddhiman Shrestha

Changeless address: Kuwakot-2, Syanja

Association: Kantipur General and Dental Hospital, Samakhusi

NMC num: 7601

3, Name: Lili Rajbanshi

Changeless address: Charpaney-3, Jhapa

Transitory address: Pepsicola, Kathmandu

Association: Tilganga Eye Hospital

4, Name: Binita Adhikari

Perpetual address: Lainchaur-29, Kathmandu

Association: Bright Smile Dental Clinic Pvt Ltd

NMC num: 2687

5, Name: Rawet Ranjan Kumar Thakur

Lasting location: Pipra – 3, Mahottari

Brief address: Baneswor, Kathmandu

Association: Society Dental Clinic, Chabahil

NMC num: 9497

6, Name: Bodit Acharya

Lasting location: Battisputali-9, Kathmandu

Association: Care Dental Clinic, Old Baneswor

NMC num: 2453

7, Name: Dipesh Poudel

Lasting location: Kaliaya-8, Bara

Brief address: Thimi , Bhaktapur

Association: Kist Medical College, Lalitpur

NMC num: 14163

8, Name: Gajananda Prasad Adhikari

Lasting location: Baneswor-34, Kathmandu

Association: Nepal Family Planning Association, Lalitpur

NMC num: 2569

9, Name: Sanjaya Yadav

Lasting location: Sapahi-2, Dhanusa

Brief address: Dhalkewar-3, Dhanusa

Association: Universal Medical College , Bhairahawa

NMC num: 11703

10, Name: Santosh Kumar Jha

Changeless address: Jana kpur-9, Dhanusa

Impermanent address: Pepsicola, Kathmandu

11, Name: Ganesh Shah

Changeless address: Janakpur-27, Dhanusa

Transitory address: Hattiwan, Lalitpur

Association: Lokhit Dental Hospital, Tripureswor

NMC num: 7261

12, Name: Nilima Khadka Mahat

Changeless address: Dhanusa

Impermanent address: Lainchaur-29, Kathmandu

Association: AMDA Nepal, Jorpati and Healthy Dental Clinic

NMC num: 4477

13, Name: Binita Mandal

Perpetual address: Sarpallo-2, Mahottari

Brief address: Tokha, Kathmandu

Association: Resha Farma, Chabahil

NMC num: 4384

14, Name: Rahil Faraj Ansari

Lasting location: Rupandehi

Brief address: Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Association: Tanahu Sewa Hospital, Dulegauda

NMC num: 1 1736

15, Name: Ram Ghimire

Lasting location: Dahdhikot-1, Bhaktapur

Association: Hamro Sahayatri Hospital

NMC num: 6464

16, Name: Kushraj Giri

Lasting location: Bagahi-9, Parsa

Brief address: Pani Tanki-10, Birgunj

Association: Shanti Clinic, Birgunj

NMC num: 3116

17,Name: Pannalal Prasad Patel

Lasting location: Bhawanipur-4, Parsa

Association: Gandak Hospital, Birgunj

NMC num: 5395

18, Name: Maheswor Raya Yadav

Lasting location: Basantapur-5, Sarlahi

Brief address: Pokhara,Kaski

Association: Merry Stopes Center, Pokhara

19, Name: Nimesh Pal Raman

Lasting location: Sakuwa-3, Rautahat

Brief address: Birgunj

Association: National Medical College, Birgunj

20, Name: Mohamad Ruhullah

Lasting location: Tejapakad,Rautahat

Impermanent address: Birgunj

Association: National Medical College, Birgunj

NMC num: 2917

21, Name: Randhir Rajbanshi

Changeless address: Anarmani-9, Jhapa

Association: Bajrang Clinic

NMC num: 13391

22, Name: Sunil Acharya

Perpetual address: Gorkha-3, Gorkha

Transitory address: Chitwan

Association: Pragati Poly Clinic, Chitwan

NMC Num: 5424

23, Mohammad Abul Kalam

Perpetual address: Manpur-8, Siraha

Brief address: Biratnagar

Association: Trauma Hospital, Biratnagar

NMC Num: 2390

24, Name: Ishadul Haq

Lasting location: Birgunj-2, Parsa

Association: National Medical College and Teaching Hospital

NMC Num: 15497

25, Saroj Kumar Singh

Lasting location: Tepakad-1, Rautahat

Transitory address: Birgunj

Association: Narayani Sub-provincial Hospital, Parsa

NMC Num: 6991

26, Name: Rajani Agrawal

Perpetual address: Dharan-1, Sunsari

Brief address: Bharatpur-10, Chitwan

Association: Purano Medical College, Chitwan

NMC Num: 6203

27, Rabindra Kumar Pandey

Lasting location: Pipara-5, Mahottari

Brief address: Dhanusha

Association: National Medical College and Teaching Hospital

NCM Num: 4014

28, Ramji Yadav

Lasting location: Sinurjoda-4, Dhanusha

Association: Puja Medical Hall

NMC: 7241

29, Ram Kumar Pradhan

Lasting location: Kalaiya-4, Bara

Impermanent address: Birgunj

Association: National Medical College and Teaching Hospital

NMC Num: 4014

30, Name: Bishnu Prasad Bhushal

Changeless Address: Tulsipur-5, Dang

Association: BR Dental Clinic, Tulsipur

NMC Num: 8098

31, Arun Kumar Gupta

Changeless address: Birgung-13, Parsa

Impermanent address: Tahachal, Kathmandu

Association: Norvic Hospital, Thapthali/B&B, Gwarko/Arthritics Care Center, Birgunj

NMC Num: 2757

32, Name: Sanjay Kumar Das

Perpetual address: Bhawanipur, Siraha

Association: Shree Ram Diagnostic Clinci

NMC Num: 2132

33, Name: Dinesh Kumar Sah

Lasting location: Birgung-1, Parsa

Association: College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur/National Medical College, Birgunj, Shanti Poly Clinic|, Birgunj

NMC Num: 4957

34, Name: Manish Aryal

Lasting location: Biratnagar-16, Morang

Association: FPAN, Itharai, Sunsari

NMC Num: 4649

35, Name: Rajan Puri

Lasting location: Sonbarsa-7, Parsa

Brief address: Bharatpur, Chitwan

Association: Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan

NMC Num: 16116

36, Name: Javed Akhtar Ansari

Lasting location: Nawada, Bihar

Brief address: Bargachi, Biratnagar

Association: Life Guard Hospital, Bargachi, Biratnagar

NMC Numb: Used NMC number of other specialist

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