Chori BECHNE BAAU ‘ || A Heart Touching Short Movie || 2017


This movie is about a girl trafficking. “Chori Bechne Baau” is a title of this movie. This title is saying that a father sell his own daughter. Mainly, Because of the poverty Nepalese girl are being trafficking to sell their skin.Nepalese women were trafficked to Indian cities such as Mumbai. The government should be serious about this problem. The government is not doing homework to eliminate trafficking , however they are making significant efforts to do so. Another main reason for this trafficking is education. Because of the illiteracy. Most of the girls victim who are trafficked to India or other countries were tempt with promises of better job in India.

Chori BECHNE BAAU ‘ || A Heart Touching Short Movie || 2017

This movie started showing a old man who is economically very poor and with a bad habit of drinking. One day when he goes to a tea shop and ask for a wine, the owner of the shop denied his request. She refuse to give a glass of wine because he already have to pay credit. When he was returning a boy sitting in the bench and drinking tea, ask owner of the shop to give him a glass of wine. After that the old man started to drink wine, the boy ask a question about his family. He was happy to know that he has a daughter of 16/17 old year. He was a broker, who sells girl. After knowing the situation of the old man. He immediately make a trick, he ask him that he has given many girl’s job in Kathmandu. Many of the girls from this village already have gone to Kathmandu and started earning money. After, listening this thing, the old man was also ready to send his daughter to Kathmandu with him. His daughter is uneducated. She is 17 years old and she read till 5 standard.

Broker goes to the old man’s house. And he tell the girl that her father is very old. He has no son so she have to earn money and help her father. He also do fake phone call to the Minister. After request of her father, she is ready to go to Kathmandu

Next day the broker give the old man lots of money in advance. The girl stared crying when leaving his old father alone in village. But his father is happy with the money. The girl have a dream of earning lots of money but she didn’t know the fact that she is in danger.



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