PAANI LAUNA JADA – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018


This movie is about a village lifestyle where a girl goes to irritate water to her field. Daughter doesn’t take any interest in cutting grass so her mother ask her to go to irritate water. Nepal is a agricultural country and also very rich in water resources. Most of the cultivable field in Nepal in hilly region need irritation. The people of village also depends on the rain for water to irritate. A few people live in sloping zones. It isn’t uncommon to discover thick woodlands developing on the slants of slopes and mountains. A considerable lot of these backwoods, be that as it may, have been chopped down. The tea plant develops well on the slants of slopes where it rains generally of the year. The bumpy regions of Illam have perfect conditions for tea planting.

PAANI LAUNA JADA – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018

Tea gardens are by and large huge. In these greenery enclosures numerous ladies specialists conveying enormous wicker bin on their backs. These ladies cull the tea grounds and place them into the bushel. At the point when the wicker container is full, they convey it to the production line. In the industrial facility, the tea grounds are dealt with and dried extraordinarily. At that point, they are stuffed in boxes and conveyed to inaccessible places all finished Nepal. Other than tea, the general population in these uneven zones develop rice, sugar stick, maize and numerous sorts of vegetables.Nepal is a farming nation. Around 80% of the general population’s occupation is agribusiness. Exchange is likewise for the most part of horticultural items. Farming gives crude materials to the enterprises. With the assistance of good fertilizer, seeds, gear and water system the development of products is expanded in extensive amount. Farming is known as the foundation of economy of Nepal. Farming occupation comprises of three sorts: sustenance crops, money trims and blended harvests.

Nourishment trims: The harvests that are utilized for sustenance are called nourishment crops. Rice, maize, wheat, millet, and so on are great products. Rice and wheat are developed in the plain territories, in the waterway banks where the land is hot and wet. Maize and millet are developed in the dry place that is known for bumpy zones.



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