TYO PAANI TATNU PARO – New Nepali Coolen – 2017


Here is short clip of a boy and girl romancing. A boy is feeling cold and have a big warmer in his body. But the girl have some tricks to fire his body. She makes a trick to warm his body. There is a funny dialogue at last of this video. This video suits the recent climate of Nepal. Nepal’s atmosphere fluctuates with its geology and elevation. It ranges from the tropical to the cold. The swamp Terai area with its most extreme elevation to around 305m, which lies in the tropical southern piece of the nation, for example, has a sweltering and sticky atmosphere that can transcend 45 Degree Celsius (113 Degree Fahrenheit) amid summer. The mid-arrive areas are wonderful all the year round, despite the fact that winter evenings are cool. The northern mountain locale, around a height over 3,300m has a snow capped atmosphere with significantly bring down temperature in winter as can be expected.Nepal has four climatic seasons.

Spring (between March – May): The temperature is somewhat warm in swamps while direct in higher elevations with a lot of chances to have tryst with the mountain sees. It is likewise the ideal opportunity for blooms to bloom and the national blossom of Nepal – rhododendron clears the climbing elevations with its charitable shading and excellence.

Summer (between June – August): This is additionally the rainstorm season in Nepal. The climate is hot and wet on occasion. It rains practically regular with periodic rainstorms at night. The rain spreads the enjoyableness around with rich green vegetation.

Pre-winter (between September – November): This is the best vacationer season in Nepal with the late spring passed by and the winter to set in. The climate is very wonderful so are the mountain sees. This is the pinnacle season for trekking as mountain sees are ensured so better book your flight ahead of time. This is additionally the period of merriments as Nepal praises the greatest Hindu celebrations Dashain took after by Tihar.

Winter (between December – February): The climate is cool and the sky is clear with intermittent snowfalls at higher rises. This season is useful for trekking in bring down heights. The morning and night is chilly and the days are warm when radiant.

temperature and precipitation

Nepal is the nation of extremes. The swamp fields of the Terai can have tropical temperatures and furthermore the mosquitoes. The Himalayas can get the opportunity to below zero temperatures, however the sun blast can bring some glow amid the day, even in the mountains. The temperature of Kathmandu goes beneath 1 Degree Celsius (34 Degree Fahrenheit) in winter and ascends to a normal of 25 Degree Celsius (77 Degree Fahrenheit) in summer



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