CHALAMALA THIK XAINA । – New Nepali Short Coolen – 2017


This is a short clip where a wife cheated her innocent husband. She make him fool after that he saws that she have illegal relation with his neighbor boy.  She said that he is my brother, don’t think anything wrong about him.

Extramarital issues are on the ascent in Nepal, where the progression of a generally preservationist and male centric culture is changing the establishment of marriage. Monetary elements, for example, an expansion in remote business on account of high joblessness at home, likewise add to disloyalty. Police and government delegates affirm an expansion in men and ladies announcing extramarital issues, which are illicit, however confirm is hard to discover to demonstrate infidelity. Sociologists propose a socio-social repositioning of states of mind toward marriage with a specific end goal to make connections more fair and sensible.

There has been no investigation yet to demonstrate the level of Nepal’s populace having extramarital illicit relationships, says Shishir Subba, a brain science educator at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. Be that as it may, he certifies that the instances of disloyalty have been expanding lately.

Nepalese society has been generally shut, Subba says. Yet, expanding instruction, mindfulness, methods for correspondence, ponder abroad and remote relocation have changed nearby mentalities.

Nepalese society is conventional, traditionalist and male centric, considering marriage basic for ladies, says Mina Upreti, a colleague human science educator at Tribhuvan University’s Trichandra Multiple Campus. Before, men have been responsible for ladies’ financial, social and sexual parts.

Be that as it may, with more ladies seeking after instruction, they never again endure unsuitable circumstances at home, she says. The foundation of marriage has been evolving. Ladies wed for security at that point seek after a more significant trade of feelings and emotions somewhere else.



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