Actress Model Susma Karki Photoshot


This is about Sushma Karki and an attractive video shot of the performing artist in a swimming pool. The present talk point is what she is doing in this cold temperature in swimming pool.

On-screen character and model Sushma Karki is dependably on the best when babble and outrages are considered. Sushma’s sweetheart outrages, Sushma Karki tattoo embarrassment, and Sushma Karki photograph embarrassments are probably the most prominent embarrassments on the performer.

Actress Model Susma Karki Photoshot

To start with, Sushma Karki sweetheart embarrassments – Sushma dated Sudarshan Thapa beforehand. After a long issue they separated. Sushma discovered Naren Shrestha and began living with him. In any case, they additionally separated after Sushma blamed him for manhandling her. Following a six-months in length separate they got together again and that too didn’t kept going long. They separated for the second time. By then, sweetheart outrage and tattoo embarrassment went together.

Sushma had a tattoo of her beau’s name on her back. After separate, she endeavored to eradicate it. Be that as it may, as a tattoo is changeless and can’t be eradicated effectively, she chose to cover the tattoo by another tattoo. Thus she has an appalling tattoo on her back at this point. (photograph from xnepali)

Another tattoo embarrassment on Sushma’s tattoo was in regards to the tattoo of sun to her left side bosom. The control board had solicited one from the producers to shroud the tattoo in the motion picture.

At the time Sushma Karki was dating Naren, she wasn’t excessively helpful with the film makers. The sweetheart allegedly was excessively possessive of her and would meddle in her parts. When, she was kicked out a motion picture when Sushm and the producers blamed each other for inappropriate behavior. 



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