New Lok Dohori | Bir Biswash Ft. Chanda Dahal


The first comment in this video song is nonsense. I don’t like is the comment we can find below this video in YouTube. This video is very glamorous with model Chanda Dahal. Chanda Dahal herself says that she was very hot model and the song lyrics and the choice of the model is very good. According the comments in this video, the viewers doesn’t like the lyrics also.  From few years there is a trend of making lok song with hot glamours hot model to be popular, there are lots of criticisms in lok song singer who make this type of songs. In this type of hit list Jyoti Magar is in front. Here previous most songs are vulgar and the lyrics are double meanings. In this song Chanda Dahal is also openly showing her body. She is flashing her body parts in front of the guys to be popular. Watch the song posted below which was sang by Bir Biswas and the lyric and music is also given by him in this song.


B. Star Flims Pvt LTd Presents’

Bishan A.J Pariyar and Puskar Purkoti’s Combin Presentation

Bir Bishwas’s First New Nepali Lok Pop Song

“Bachelako Thito”

More Details About this Song

Song Title : Bachhelako Thito

Vocal : Bir Biswas

Rap : Mithun Darnali

Lyrics and Music : BIr Biswas

Production and Distribution : B. Star Flims Pvt Ltd

Cast : Bishal A.J. , PUskar Phurkoti, Chandal Dahal, Santosh Magarati and Bhim Phurkoti

Direction : Bikram Chohan

Camera : Prakash Khadka

Editing : Rajesh Kumar

Video Made by : B. Star Flims Pvt LTd



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