Rasmi Tamang -| Latest Interview | Wow Nepal


Here is a latest interview with Rasmi Tamang. This interview is posted by Wow Nepal in their YouTube Channel. This is very popular interview video. Till today this video is vieed by 75,450 and this is on #32 on Trending in Youtube Nepal. The host of this interveiw ask her many questions and she replied all of them easily. In this interview she answered that there is full support for her model and dancer carrer by her family . She also said that there are 95 percent Nepali girls who doesn’t get support from the family members but she is lucky one who got support.

Rasmi Tamang -| Latest Interview | Wow Nepal

She also dont’ like to marriage because according to her when she married she will get tension of family life. After married she said that she have to think about children and if she fall in love life, she will got worried about how the society think about her relationship, what happen after her marriage with her lover bla bla . So, she think there are lots of tensions behind the marriage and love life so she decied not to marriage soon.  She also said that when her family members said that she is our daughter, no one in her society believe.  The host compare her with Prity zinta of Bollywood actress. 

Nepali Model Rasmi Tamang | Latest Interview

In the quick question round the host of this interview ask her some questions . What will you do if you became a boy?  Rasmi replied that she was interested to visit whole Nepal. After questioning by host she answer that she have been to men washroom 1/2 times. She says that she never used curtains of her relative to clean her hand after having dinner. 



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