2 JANALE JYAN TATAYO – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018


The boy’s body is shaking because of the cold weather. He went to the bed to heat his body. This movie is all about Nepali climate. The boy talk with his wife to buy a heater but she  says that she have a heater and she can make him warm. The technique of her to warm his is really fantastic. watch full movie to know what she does.  Climatic states of Nepal shift starting with one place then onto the next as per their topographical highlights. In the north summers are cool and winters extreme, while in the south summers are tropical and winters are mellow. Nepal has five seasons: spring, summer, rainstorm, fall and winter.

2 JANALE JYAN TATAYO – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018

In the Terai (south Nepal), summer temperatures surpass 37° C and higher in a few territories, winter temperatures go from 7°C to 23°C in the Terai. In bumpy districts, slopes and valleys, summers are calm while winter temperatures can fall under below zero. The Kathmandu Valley has a charming atmosphere with normal summer and winter temperatures of 19°C – 35°C and 2°C – 12°C separately.

Great to know is that by and large temperatures drop 6°C for each 1,000 m you pick up in elevation.

The Himalayas go about as a hindrance to the icy breezes blowing from Central Asia in winter, and structures the northern limit of the rainstorm wind designs. 80% of all the rain in Nepal is gotten amid the rainstorm (June-September). Winter downpours are more articulated in the western slopes. The normal yearly precipitation is 1,600 mm, however it fluctuates by eco-climatic zones, for example, 3,345 mm in Pokhara and beneath 300 mm in Mustang.

There is no regular requirement on going in and through Nepal. Indeed, even in December and January, when winter is at its severest, there are repaying splendid sun and splendid perspectives. Similarly as with the greater part of the trekking ranges in Nepal, the best time to visit are amid spring and pre-winter. Spring is the ideal opportunity for rhododendrons while the clearest skies are found after the storm in October and November. Nonetheless, Nepal can be gone to the entire year round.



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