Battho Manchhe पिसावले च्यापेपछि । भिडियाे – New Video by Harendra Khatri – Episode -163


Here is a new comedy video called Battho Manche where we can see a student and a teachers talking. The student is in Nepali class where he have to talk in Nepali and when a lady dance teacher comes he have to talk in dancing musical style and at last when computer teacher comes he have to talk with him in Computer language. The is a problem with him that the have to go to urinate. When he say that i want to go to toilet, the three teachers tell him not to say in english say it as a class subject. He tell them in a funny way. Watch how he says this is very funny video. This comedy is made by Harendra Khatri.

These are simply the inquiries youthful personalities should put to themselves before they indiscriminately take after the most recent patterns. Everything that sparkles is absolutely not gold and numerous a times what does not sparkle and does not get onea™s favor may be more valuable than gold. Before being cleared off by evolving winds, an understudy should think and deliberately pick which way to take after. Aside from these, web visiting additionally takes up quite a bit of a youngstera™s time.

At a studenta™s level, where there is vicious rivalry and time is amazingly valuable, these can end up being genuine obstructions to overcome. Self-control is something understudies should mean to accomplish. It isn’t an item one can purchase from the market. It is an uncommon quality which one needs to teach, sustain and appreciate from early youth. Through self-control will come focus which will thusly help an understudy to scale more up to date statures of scholastic greatness. Achievement will be theirs for the taking who esteem and practice self-control and submit to it constantly.




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