Battho Manchhe हेर्नुहाेस त केटीले सिधै सु गर्ने ठाँउ देखाउन भनेपछी। भिडियाे । Episode 102 By Harendra Khatri


Here is a new video by Tv Nepali where a boy is sitting and waiting for his girlfriend. His girlfriend has promised him to come in the place where he is waiting now. He called her “Moti”. After sitting sometime she comes there. After when she came there he shout over her. And the girl said that she need to see the place for pee. After that they sat down there and the boy said that he uncle’s wat was drown in Fewa lake 1 years ago and they found the clock and the clock is working. After that the girl said that his uncle was also drown in same lake and found after 1 year. When she said that the boy said that what he does when he was drowned into the lake. The girl replied that he was giving power to his uncles watch. This is the very funny video where two of them ask each other funny questions. Watch the full video given below and enjoy

Taking a gander at the movies that stood out as truly newsworthy this previous year, it can be securely said that comedies in light of genuine circumstances are a well known decision for Nepali film-goers.

From Kabaddi to Wada Number Chha, comedies discharged a year ago got both money related and basic accomplishment with on-screen characters like Bipin Karki and Khagendra Lamichhane getting much approval for their parts in Pashupati Prasad, the year’s most elevated netting film.

A year ago’s comedies additionally strayed from the ‘droll’ classification, successfully conveyed by well known TV arrangement, and rather utilized satiristic suggestions to recount stories of ‘comic drama of blunders’.



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