Pradeshma  Budo  | New Nepali Short Movie


This video is about a boy who goes to abroad by leaving his wife alone in his home. This video starts from showing a boy unemployed and jobless who is asking money for his wife. When he want’s money his wife, she became angry and says that why don’t you go abroad to earn money. After some days the boy decided to go abroad and after he get visa when he was leaving his home, his wife cry. He says that why you are crying i am going to abroad because you have said before. After that he goes to abroad. After some time the girl have affair with another boy. She is doing romance with his boyfriend at the same time, her husband called her, he tell her that he is sending her a 1 lakhs rupees. After that he hang up the phone. The girl suddenly make a decision to go to visit Illiam with her boyfriend with the money send by her husband. This is the very popular story of Nepal .

 Pradeshma  Budo  | New Nepali Short Movie

There are lots of youth goes abroad in search of job leaving their wife and children alone.  Countless laborers travel to another country to work without productive nearby business openings. Movement is just the same old thing new to Nepal, and the aggregate load of Nepalese nationals working abroad (barring around one million in India) in various limits is evaluated to be about a large portion of a million (ILO-DFID 2002). The historical backdrop of formal passageway of Nepalese natives in remote work starts in 1814-1815 after the Nepal-British India war. An aggregate of 4,650 Nepalese youths were selected to the British military as a British-Gurkha regiment.

 Pradeshma Budi Natho Sanga | New Nepali Short Movie

Additionally, the movement of Nepalese individuals for other business purposes, for example, working in the tea conditions of Darjeeling and the timberland of Assam, started in the second 50% of the nineteenth century. Financial relocation to the Middle East from South Asia and different parts of the world was prodded on by the oil blast in the mid 1970s. Universal work relocation, for the most part to Gulf States, Malaysia and other South East Asian nations is another marvel of movement in the Nepalese setting with around a 30 year long history. Surprisingly, outside work relocation has created such that it has moved the rural based economy towards settlement based economy. As indicated by figures discharged by the legislature, there are more than 565,000 reported vagrant laborers abroad, though other evaluated figures put the number at more than one million Nepali transient specialists including 100,000 female vagrant specialists. This figure does exclude the populace who moved to India



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