Battho Manchhe – Nepali Comedy Video by Harendra Khatri – Episode 109


A boy dial a random number in his cell phone. A girl receive his call and talk with him. He ask her name and she shaid that her name is Chanchali. The girls also says that i am living alone in my home, father was in UK, mother was in Hongkong and brother was in Canada. Boy also said fake that his father was in abroad his brother work in NASA bla bla. The boy and girl does marriage but in the time of marriage they remember their real work, they both tell lie to each other. In real the boy works as a a contacter in bus and the girl use to wash clothes in others home. This is a very funny video by Harendra Khari.

Battho Manchhe – Nepali Comedy Video by Harendra Khatri – Episode 109

This video is about a fake call which turns into marriage. There are lots of mobile crime happens in the world . Few months ago in Nepal there is a scam arouse in social media called “RED NUMBER CALLING”

Red Number call and individuals are slaughtered due to accepting those calls are all gossip. There is any reality behind this. According to the data I arrived is no such things happening. All your identity looking for what truly the red call is and how might it be hazardous and are individuals are passing a direct result of red brought in Nepal. No It’s all Fake. Try not to Worry. It’s all Fake. Try not to Worry. It’s all Fake. Try not to Worry.

The fundamental issue is numerous online media distribute this article which are totally pointless the area advised to be demise of individuals are Nuwakot, Dhading, Makwanpur and Kathmandu even. In any case, there is no any Proof of this Which has not yet been adjusted by any authority legislative association. There was a post on Facebook/Twitter guaranteeing whoever get that ring would end dead. That is the means by which it turned into a web sensation. Being viral is something we can’t anticipate and require not be totally authentic. Viral news continues coming in Nepal uniquely because of social medias.



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