Latest New Nepali Movie ||Tala Bata || Hot Video || Short Film


Here is a new entertainment short clip which is posted in Youtbe under the title of Tala Bata. This movie is uploaded by Red Apple Media. This is a pure entertaining comedy like short movie. In this video we can see a girl which is not so brilliant in acting and a boy which is quite ok. The story of this video is about a girl and a Master who used to sew a clothes, design clothes. One day when he was walking in road his cell phone rings, a girl who looks like live alone call him for dress. She call him and tell her she want’s to make dress.

Latest New Nepali Movie ||Tala Bata || Hot Video || Short Film

To measure her body shape and size she call him on her own house. After he went in her house he called from a gate. After he called she come inside and ask him from where he want to start from below or top. This is very funny question which has indirect and double meaning to something else. After that she also tell that where he want to do outside of house or inside. After her question he says that he want to go inside. After going inside she sat on sofa and he sat on the ground. She call him on the sofa and he was so shy that insted of measuring tape he pick up rope to measure her body. After when he starting to take measurement of her leg, she pick up her skirt. After seeing that he fainted down on the ground.

Latest New Nepali Movie ||Tala Bata || Hot Video || Short Film

This is a short movie which have little of humor and the girl who is acting in this video is not fluent in her acting. It looks like this  movie is her acting class. All of her expression are clearly seen as a acting. The boy is quite fluent in acting than girl. If you want to watch the video please proceed to below. thanks.



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