New Selo Video Song | दिनमा तिर्खा भाेक छैन ।। Galama Sunako Jantar Chha – Karna Bahadur Ghising & Pramila Moktan


Nepal’s major social works of art are music and move. As an oral society with, as of not long ago, insignificant models of proficiency, music and move are essential in everyday life.

Music and move frames a principal part of all customs, festivities, celebrations and social events, and Nepalis are for the most part constantly prepared to participate. Next is a Dohori which is an ad libbed tune between a young lady and kid. Dohori are frequently coquettish and are customarily sung when working in the fields, gathering sustenance for creatures, et cetera.

Karna Bahadur Ghishing and Furlam Pakhrin’s first presentation

New Nepali Lok Song “Manko Baha”


Galama Sunako Jantar Chha
Singer – Karna Bahadur Ghising & Pramila Moktan
Lyrics – Milan Lama(Kushi)
Music –
Artists –
Editor –
Camera –
Director –

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