Uttano Parera – Fun with friendsd wife | New Nepali Short Coolen – 2017


Here is a short movie called Uttano Parera, where we can see Krishna Nepal, Anil Baral and Nisha Karki as a cast in this short movie. This is a short movie where a girl is kidnapped by a villain of this short movie. He pickup the girl and tie her hand and take to the river side where his boss is sleeping. After he take the girl near his boss he ask here is your parcel boss. His boss looks very coward. He is very thin after that he (the boss) ask him to open her hand, after the villain open the hand of the girl, the girl try to escape but the villain again catch her, at that time a boy come to protect him, he fight with them and take the girl home safely.

This is a entertainment movie where no lesson or story is given. This movie is like a acting practice for the actors who are seeing in this movie. They are not fluent in acting. They try to act but they are far away from the talent of the acting. Watch the movie posted below and judge yourself.



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