2 Choti Gareko | New Nepali Comedy Video


Here is a new comedy video by Jyoti Flims Production. In this comedy video a funny guy make one boy fool by saying there is a Jadu Magic, (Trick) in this tree when you goes there you can see something unusual. The comedian boy make the two girl and boy who are sitting in the bottom of the tree fool and kiss the girl and run away. Not only one time he makes them full again watch the full video posted below and know what the second thing he does with them.

Jyoti Films Production

Bhairam Shrestha
Sadina lama
Robin dhong
Krishna Prasad

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Enchantment, instead of enchantment the specialty of fantasy and sleight of hand, is the Art Of Causation. Enchantment is a characteristic human capacity, we are altogether conceived with this intrinsic capacity to make Magick, all it takes is the want to learn, and hone. Enchantment is making change by associating with the energies of nature.

These energies of nature exist in every way, all strong issue is made of iotas, sub-molecule particles, beneath this level is unadulterated vitality. At the this level of unadulterated vitality, there is no strong issue, here everything is associated by strings of vitality.

Enchantment is the control and control of these strings of vitality, this vitality exists at all levels and planes, so by making changes to these vitality strings makes impacts happen inside the physical plane. Enchantment enables you to adjust this vitality reality to achieve changes in the material reality, on the other hand modifying your material universes makes changes the vitality reality.

“Enchantment is the exploration of the control of the mystery powers of nature.” – S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Order of the Golden Dawn.

“Enchantment is a complete information of all nature.” – Francis Barrett.

“Magick is the Art and Science of making changes happen in congruity with will.” – Aleister Crowley

To perform powerful enchantment, you should culminate your representation abilities and prepare your psyche to think in an unexpected way. Enchantment depends on the rule of “As Above, So Below”, this might be interpreted as meaning what exists on the profound level likewise exists on the physical level. Enchantment is about duty, to guarantee that your enchantment originates from a want to make congruity. Enchantment is tied in with figuring out how to control powers inside yourself.

There are three essential fixings in Magic. Want, Form and Manifestation, you should need something with a genuine want/require so as to wind up with it on this level. Need is communicated as a thought in your creative ability, characterize your imaginings with clearness and exactness, at exactly that point can your want show on the physical level.



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