Tihar Song || Muna Thapa Magar ll || Baini Runchhin || 2074


Shiva Darshan Present’s, New Nepali Dashain Tihar Lok Dohori Song 2015 “Baini Runchhin” by Muna Thapa and Netra Aryal. In this song sister is crying because her brother is in foreign and there is a bad news that he is not coming in this year festival. She is ready for celebrate Bhai Tika festival but her brother is not coming. She condemn him that he forgot to come home. This is very touchy sad song by Muna Thapa Magar.

Bhai Tika is a standout amongst the most imperative Hindu celebrations for siblings and sisters. It falls on the most recent day (fifth day) of Tihar and is otherwise called Bhai Tihar and Bhai Dujh (among Madhesi people group). This celebration praises the bond amongst sibling and their sister. Amid this, the sisters revere and petition God for to Lord Yama (Lord of Death), longing for long and prosperous existence of their siblings. On this event, an uncommon sagun (a bundle of masala) is given to the siblings. This convention is said to have begun as a minding sister’s sound tidbit pack for her sibling to advance back home, as the siblings in the past needed to walk long path to their sister’s home (after marriage) for the celebration. This celebration is generally celebrated at sister’s conjugal home or her significant other’s home after marriage. A few sisters likewise give fabric pieces alongside the masala and the primary things utilized for the love are the turf grass, marigold blossom and makhamali bloom that are said to stay new for quite a while.

To start with, the sisters revere the diyo, kalash, Ganesh that they have set up in a nanglo and afterward make an outskirt around their siblings (who are situated on the floor) first with oil and after that, water to keep away terrible signs. At that point they love the bimiro which is outwardly of the entryway and from that point forward, they break an entire walnut kept next to the bimiro with a lohora (one of the piece of stone processor) and close the entryway. This custom is accepted to be seen to keep Yama out of the room and far from the siblings. From that point forward, the siblings are venerated and the beautiful, more often than not rainbow shaded, tika is put on their brow. They are at that point, embellished with the blossom festoon and now and then, a wreath of turf grass is likewise made and if that isn’t conceivable, a pack of turf grass is put on their head, ear or incorporated into the laurel. At long last, the masala and the blessing is given and the puts tika on their brow siblings touch their sister’s feet and give them endowments, generally money or garments. At that point the siblings are encouraged before sending them back home with the masala and different blessings. In the event that the siblings and sister have home near each other’s at that point, more often than not the sister takes the masala to the sibling’s home or send somebody to do it.

A Fusion of Dashain and Tihar with Deusire and Mangal Dhun and Lok Dohori.

Song: Baini Runhhin
Singer: Muna Thapa and Netra Aryal
Lyrics and Music: Netra Arya

Audio/video:- Shiva Darshan Films Pvt. Ltd. 9841412280
Editor:- Gokarna Bhandari
Post Production:- Shiva Darshan Films Pvt. Ltd. 9841412280



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