Uthi Uthi Garda || Thukka Episode 5 Nepali Short Movie by harendra Kharti


Here is a new comedy video by Harendra Khatri. This is a comedy show which is broadcast in web. This is 5th episode of comedy show called Thukka. In this video we can see two boy and a girl. They are moving into the jungle. The girl says that she like to have two boyfriends. In the mean time one of the boy have to go for long toilet, when he goes for it, they two talk and romance and after some time the one boy which was with girl play the Nepali national song, after song time the next boy come and beat him. After they ask why he beat him, he replied that he have to stand and do latrine because he played a National song. This is a very funny video which make you laugh.


Uthi Uthi Garda || Thukka Episode 5 Nepali Short Movie by harendra Kharti

As we realize that, we Nepali are not very much prepared to make motion picture. A large portion of the general population on the planet like to see the films and short motion pictures. In The administration of Nepal additionally did not give an emphasis on making the motion pictures. The greater part of the general population on the planet take after the western culture. Nepalese moviemaker take after the customary society .on the planet individuals does not know the Nepali culture. Accordingly, it is exceptionally hard to get the thought given by the motion pictures. They know about the way of life of Nepal. The extent of Nepal motion pictures in remote nation was vital which gives the learning what is going on around the globe.

Comic drama is essential to fulfill the general population. Individuals didn’t giggle with no proof. So they can get another thing to snicker .these comic drama motion pictures Is center in the what is occurring on the planet and give the reasonable thought regarding the how to fulfill the general population by demonstrating the satire films. In our motion pictures, we give the thought regarding, what is going on in our condition .how they are cause? What is the issue made by those motion pictures? The most effective method to make individuals mindful about social culture and issue making them content with genuine social story This is our duty to give you thought.

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Particularly this motion picture mirrors the social terrible kind in Nepal, how our general public is running on? We are as a rule more capable made this film for the world, to perceive the nation and culture on the planet. Executive Harendra Khatri and his group is committed to create such motion picture. How far we are conceivable to do this, please remark us. Moreover we will give more motion pictures more extraordinary story please keep un watching us. Finally chuckle snicker until the point when you can giggle.



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