New Nepali Short Movie This Real Story “Sathi ko parshal ” साथीको पार्सल || 2018


A boy send a parcel with his friend who lives in foreign. He was in foreign to earn money, he send some parcel to his home country Nepal with his friend. He meet his friend in abroad and they became friend. After that he send his parcel his friend come to Nepal. After coming Nepal he call his friends wife to come and take his parcel. She do some makeup and wear some new clothes and goes to take the parcel. After they meet he call her sister in Law. Till now we are seeing that the boy has some respect to the girl. The girl also call him brother in law in Nepal the brother in law is called “BABU”. After taking parcel she called him in her room for tea. He first hesitate and after she insists he says ok.  After they come to room they see some videos in mobile and the boy became close of her. He started to touch in her body. And after some time he open her clothes and they make physical relation. After that he left and goes to his house. This the story of this movie. There are lots of things more in this short movie for that you have to watch this full video.



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