Battho Manchhe 211 – Nepali Comedy Video by Harendra Khatri


This video is about a family where a lazy wife, servant and her husband live. This comedy video starts from showing the girl’s husband coming from bathroom with towel. He come and sit on sofa after that he call his wife with a cup of tea because he feel cold. After shouting two three times his servant comes with a cup of tea. He ask him i call my wife why you come with tea. He said something in english. Than he ask servant that this is not the method of giving tea, you have to bring tea in Tray. After he ask servant, he replied that when he is coming he saw the dog is eating food from the floor so he pick all of his food biscuits in the tray and he comes there. The owner started to drink tea. He taste it , it so delicious, he asked. How you made it? The servant replied that he pick up the remaining milk after eating by dog. After that he shouted over him. He ask where is his wife. Servant says that she was in her room. After the owner goes to his wife’s room, she was talking to his boyfriend. When he knock on door, she hid her phone and acted like she was suffering from headache. After when he goes there and ask for rice, because he was late for office, she says that she can’t do that because she was suffering from headache. After that she asked him to go without eating. He replied that now he will go to the Thakali Kitchen to eat delicious foods. After listening that she was ready to go. She says that know her health is good and she also want to each delicious Thakali Food. After the husband says that he was telling like to know about her fraud, and ask to give him a rice to eat, she again says that oh my headache start again and sleep again in bed.

Battho Manchhe 211 – Nepali Comedy Video by Harendra Khatri is the series of Battho manchhe and it’s a pure Nepali comedy video.

Editing : Sisir Budhathoki

Asst. Director : Matrika Poudel

Director Harendra Khatri



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