Anju Panta & Ram Krishna Dhakal Maya Garchhu || Feat. Priyanka Karki & Aayushman


The two singer and also two actors which is in this video song are very popular in Nepal. Ram Krishna Dhakal is also knows as second Narayan Gopal and Anju Panta is well known as a popular background singer and gazal singer.

Having loaned her voice to mainstream numbers like the title tune of Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu, bhun bolyo bhamara of Saput, Dil yo mero dil in Kismat, and sustari mannma for Darr, Anju has sung for 18 movies and more than 100 Nepalese musical tunes both in two part harmonies and performances. Her ghazal Na birse timilai na paye timilai is viewed as extraordinary compared to other melody of her vocation.

Mr. Dhakal was raised by his mom who originated from common laborers foundation. He was referred to all through focal Nepal as a youngster wonder since the age of 7 or something like that. The youthful ability came to Kathmandu first time at 12 years old in 1986, after he was found by Arjun Pokhrel, who place him in contact with Gopal Karmacharya, a veteran music and expressions benefactor, who helped the youthful vocalist get into the music business. He is hitched to Neelam Shah. They have a little girl named Rani Dhakal. Dhakal had a place with white collar class family. Be that as it may, it is a direct result of his commitment and diligent work that he is set up as the most famous artist in Nepali Music Industry. His music collections are sold more than any collections by some other Nepali artist despite the fact that the music business is not doing as such well. he was found by Arjun and merina.

Despite the fact that on-screen character Ayushman Desraj Joshi and performer Priyanka Karki have not shared screen together in any film, their off-screen undertaking and sentiment have just turned out to be mainstream among Nepali gatherings of people. Knowing this assumption, the makers of music recordings now have kept them two in top need. Cheerfully, together the twosome are additionally highlighting in consistently music recordings and have prevailing with regards to winning hearts of their fans.

More Details About This Song

Song : Maya Garchhu
Vocal : Ramkrishna Dhakal & Anju Panta
Lyrics : Krishna K.C.
Music : Shreekrishna Bam Malla
Music Arrangement : Rajan Ishan
Album : Man Ma Maya
Producer : Anil K.C.
Camera: Hari Humagain
Director : Arjun Adhikari
Choreographer : Suren Basyal
Editor : Nishan Ghimire
Models : Priyanka Karki & Aayushman Deshraj Joshi



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