New Lok Video : बग्छ अाँसु छेक्न सक्दिन । भिडियाे ।। Bagchha Aanshu Chhekna Sakdina | | Arjun Birahi, Sapana B.C


Here is a new song sang by singer Arjun Birahi and Sapana B.C. The lyrics of this song is written by Kamal B.C. This is his new song. In this song we can feel the music of Arjun Birahi. This song is very sentimental song. This is a lok dohori folk song. Lok songs are very popular those days. Before 10/12  years ago they are going to extinct. But nowadays they are the very famous songs of Nepali Music Industry. The lok song are usually a question and answer between male and female singers. If one ask a question through the song another have to answer them. But all lok songs are not same there are Lok Panche Baja Song, which are played in marriage, Lok Ekal songs are sang by only one singer.

Talking about this video song, the video starts from a very sentimental kids love scene. Among them the girl is leaving village and going to city with his mother. At that time his boy friend come and catch her hand and tell her not to leave him. This is very emotional scene in this song. After that the mother separate their hands which was hold by the boy and take the girl away. Watch the full video posted below and enjoy.


ABR Digital Music Pvt Ltd Present’s

 In Arjun Birahi’s Music

 Kamal BC’s New Nepali Lok Song “Bagchha Aashu Chekna Sakdina”


More Details About This Song

ABR Digital Music Presents!

Song Title: Bagchha Aanshu Chhekna Sakdina
Vocal: Arjun Birahi, Sapana B.C
Lyrics: Kamal B.C
Music: Arjun Birahi
Production/Distribution: A.B.R Digital Music Pvt.Ltd
Artist: Arjun Birahi, Sapana B.C
Direction/Cameraman: Durga Poudel
Edit: Prakash Dhamala, Prakash S.K
Post Production: Ekta Films Pvt.Ltd
Helper: Aarati Thakuri
© Highlights Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile Ringback Tone Code For This Song

 PRBT (female) : 60546349 and PRBT (Male) : 60546350



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