New Nepali Short Movie | Ban Pale Sanga Masti


This movie is about cutting wood from a forest. Nepal is rich in forest and many people use wood to cook their food. This video is also based on this story. In a remote village there lives three friends. They meet in one friends home and start talking. After talking about their life they make plan to eat dhido in one friends home and in the morning they make plan to go to cut wood because they all have shortage of wood. In the morning they goes toward the jungle to cut wood. In Nepal there is a security in forest who give security for tree and animals from illegal citing and killing animals. The three girl are going to jungle to cut tree illegally. After they collect some woods one of them girl goes to cut more wood at the time she caught by the security guard of jungle. The jungle of security guard is called “Paale” in Nepali.

After Paale caught her he ask her that if she give to make physical relationship he will give her more woods. If  not he will punish her and take her to the jail. After listening the girl frighted and obeys his offer. He wants to make physical relationship. After making physical relationship she goes with the wood from the jungle. While the three girls are returning from the jungle they are talking about the incident of another man called Purna Kaka listen that. The girl which makes physical relationship with Paale run and ask Purna Kaka please don’t tell the incident to my husband becauase he love me very much. The Purna Kaka said that he will not tell it to anyone. The the movie ends.

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There are lots of Paale which have bad intentions about the girls and instead of punishing them they looks for their own profit. If he punish the girl and take her to the jail other people will not try to cut illegally the wood of forest.

woods is by and large hugely crushed. Individuals clear the woodland for various purposes-the first and fore most reason is fast populace development. Individuals chop down the trees for development and settlement. They additionally clear the wilderness for kindling and building materials. Indeed, even the steers herders take their dairy cattle to the wilderness to eat, which do gobble up the delicate plants and trees. In this way, it does barely offer opportunity to grow up the plants and trees. So also, there are incredible many individuals who altogether rely upon the wilderness for their work. They chop down the trees and offer for their hand to mouth. Additionally, some senseless people set a fire in the wilderness for crazy person reasons. Therefore, the fierce blaze does horrendously demolish boundlessly thick woodland right away.

Individuals do clear the wilderness purposely or unwittingly. The annihilation of backwoods does never bring great outcomes however unfathomable incidents. Likewise, it brings forth dry spell, avalanches, siltation of streams and lakes. Thus, it welcomes desertification and to top it all off, the consumption of ozone layer. That is the reason, obliteration of woods, is an awesome threat to the whole world.



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