Beautiful – Fishing Amazing Fishing at Battambang By Hand Part 88


Here we are showing you  girl in Battambang catching fish. She is trying to catch a fish in a muddy water. She hold a tool made up bamboo she drown it into the pond and the muddy water and she catches fish. At the end of the video we can see holding lots of fish in her hand. This is amazing trick you can try it.

Beautiful – Fishing Amazing Fishing at Battambang By Hand Part 88

The essential wellspring of fishery creation is from the wild catch fisheries situated in the Great Lake, the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Brassac waterways and their related floodplains. The yearly yield of all fisheries,including fish and other oceanic creatures, is assessed to be 745 065 tons (FiA, 2014). Aquacultur econtributes around 120 055 tons of this aggregate supply (FiA, 2014), and its relative commitment is expanding annually.Aquaculture in Cambodia is isolated as freshwater and marine, and is subdivided as little , medium-andlarge-scale. The essential systems are confines, lakes and pens. Aquaculture creation is still moderately low compared to catch fisheries, and the aquaculture rehearses are predominately little scale.

The Draft Aquaculture Development Strategy for Cambodia, as a component of the Update of the Fisheries Strategic Plan for 2014¬2019, incorporates the advancement of medium-and vast scale aquaculture.Culture based fisheries is especially essential in the provincial remote ranges in the upland locale of the nation where non-local species have been brought into little water bodies. Here, the group can give angle, both for family unit utilization and salary, utilizing these presented species.

Battambang was set up as an essential exchanging city with around 2,500 inhabitants in the eighteenth century. The populace was focused along a solitary street parallel to the Sangkae River (Stung Sangkae). In 1795 Siam (cutting edge Thailand) attached a lot of north western Cambodia including the present regions of Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, Oddar Meanchey, Pailin, and Siem Reap into the area of Inner Cambodia. The Siamese ruled Battambang as a commonplace capital through the Thai-communicating in Khmer Aphaiwong family, a branch of the Khmer illustrious family, which administered for six eras until 1907 when the area was surrendered to the French to be brought together with Cambodia as a component of the French Indochina state.



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