MASTI – New Nepali Short Movie -2018


Bike is being one of the fashionable or have to vehicles in Nepal. Nepal is a mountainous country where there are lots of hill and muddy road can be found with small road and in this type of road bikes are easy to ride instead of big vehicles. As the modern age is running girls are also interested in bikes not only limited is scooters. Scooters are mainly driven by girls but some girls are attracted towards the bikes. There is a thinking that the bikes are men things. To learn bike driving and other vehicles there are lots of vehicles training institute opened over Nepal.


 MASTI – New Nepali Short Movie -2018

If you want to learn vehicles you can contact them and learn to drive vehicles. When you go to this type of learning you can find men to teach men and girls for girl but here in this video we can see that boy is teaching the girl. Obviously this is the touchy thing to do, some girls take hesitate to take class from men because they have to sit back of them and catches them like they are hugging them. In Nepal the girls hesitate when men touches them but it is the simple things in county like USA , Canada etc. But the girl in this video is also not hesitating. Watch the full video by clicking below to know why she is not hesitating and what type of girl is she ??

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When is watch this video there is nothing lesson giving you can find. This video is only for entertainment purpose. In this video the girl go to learn bike but the boy who is teaching her bike take advantages of her. The girl is not doing any objection over him, it looks like she is also enjoying this.

Nepalese girl are very shy but the girl in this video is not. Nepalese young ladies are extremely excellent in nature as they are cognizant to their body support and shading wellness. Young ladies are conceived in the earth for executing the young men by saying their excellence and strong figure. The story identified with young ladies has been many distributed about various God. Young men or the man are the results of the God at that point how might they control their feeling. They even spread and open out with full profound and reality while communicating their adoration and feeling. In this manner the celebration valentines day is for the most part and overall well known requesting the young men for bearing the existence with resistances life accomplices.



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