DOSRO BIHE । New Nepali Short Movie @2017


A girl who cannot be pregnant. This is the story about a girl who ask her husband to do another marriage. When a girl cannot be pregnant there are lots of talks in around our society. In Nepal this is a big problem for those women who cannot be pregnant, if she her problem was adapted by her husband the society cannot do this. If they don’t have child the society make laughs of them. Because of the society, he have to do another marriage. In this video also the girl is very sad and ask her husband to go to capital city and find a girl and buy her only produce a baby. But her husband doesn’t want to give his love to other girls. He ask her he cannot distribute his love for her and the unknown girl. After having long meeting, the girl say that she already managed a girl in her neighbor and the girl is ready. After she said, he also say ok and then the boy and the girl started to make baby. The boy’s wife loves the girl very much, after she became pregnant she aks her not to hold any weight. She does all work. She gave birth to the baby girl. And after one year the neighbor girl want to eloped and the boy and his wife stop her by begging her. This is the story of this video.


Because of absence of instruction, it is for the most part acknowledged that men are generally rich and female must be dealt with or the man must be permitted second marriage. Polygamy is as yet an exceptionally well known technique for fruitlessness treatment even in male factor barrenness because of male overwhelming behavioral viewpoints which winds up in no outcome. Impedance by relatives, not permitting the treatment but instead persuading for second marriage regularly muddles the directing procedure. Accordingly the specialist is compelled to evacuate the relatives amid the directing session.

The treatment looking for conduct of patients varies from towns to urban areas. The villagers still trust in the witch specialists or option prescription and so forth. Shockingly, a few women have been casualty of assault over the span of such barrenness treatment. We heard two suicides news among the treatment searcher amid our 18 years of residency.



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