OK Chha Ta 46 – काम गर्ने केटी – Video by Niraj Nepal


Here is a new episode of comedy called “Ok Chha Ta”. It is the 46th Episode of web based comedy. This comedy is broadcast not over television. This is the age of media, specially social media. This comedy show follow the recent trend and they used to publish their video in YouTube. They have good hits in every videos they posted in YouTube.

It’s a sunny day , the girl return back to home with her friend. They sit down in her garden and after sitting down, her fiend ask her for drink water. After she ask , the owner girl call her maid, SANI SANI. She came there and they ask her for a glass of water. She come with a glass of water. Her owner ask her that this is not the way to take water. Put the water in a plate. She return and take water in a plate, her owner bame angry and ask what are you doing ? She replied that she takes water. The owner says that what do you think her and how she could drink water from plate. The maid replied i take water in plate because i think she is a dog, if she is a human being she drink water in galss but she didn’t .


Cast of This Show “OK Chha Ta”

Artists : Kanchan Sapkota , Subi Shahi , Rakshya Guragai, Shivam Rayamajhi, Dinesh Dulal, Ajita Regmi, RAjita Regmi, Homnath Timilsina, MIscal, Pawan Khatiwada, Shiva hari Acharya , NIraj Nepal

Light and Sound : Deepak Rayamajhi

Makeup : Yadab Thapa

Management : Homnath Timilsina

Camera : Dilip Bista

Editing : Silver Shine Entertainment

Direction : Nepal Niraj



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