SHIKAR GARN JADA | New Nepali Short Movie -2018


This is a short movie about a guys who are going to hinting. When they are hunting in the jungle one of them tries to shoot the bird with his cady “Guleli” but instead of bird he hit a girl. Two of them after seeing the girl fainted on the ground run away but one of them try to make physical relationship with the girl, in the mean time there is someone coming, he friend shout over him and he also run away.


Chasing in Nepal is a testing errand since you have to discover the creatures by foot at high elevations of more than 3,000 meters. Chasing is permitted in a predefined square just and seekers can’t switch obstructs amid their chase. The chasing group, you, your aides, and watchmen, will be joined by an authority from the chasing store to ensure you chase in the predefined range just for a predetermined period. The helping group, by and large, encourages you in finding the creature yet the shooting choice rests onto you.

SHIKAR GARN JADA | New Nepali Short Movie -2018

Nepal is portray by spiritualist pinnacles, colorful slopes and Himalayas, beautiful valleys disengaged timberlands and other distinctive types of untouchable nature. Nepal is a perfect goal for experience tourism including enterprise amusement wear trophy chasing. Nepal gloats its very own chasing store sorts certain types of wild creatures are permitted to be chased. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve found not a long way from capital Kathmandu, is a natural life hold on the strides of the Himalayan with determined chasing pieces. The fundamental chasing species region Himalayan Blue sheep, Himalayan Tahr, Wild pig and yapping deer seekers permitted to be chase. The zone and the creatures engaged with the enterprise making chasing in Nepal a definitive affair for chasing fans. Best of all, seekers are permitted to take their trophy.

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Chasing still proceeds in the absolute most superb mountains on earth for blue sheep, tahr and muntjac. Helicopters are accessible these days to accelerate the consent to the high mountain chasing zone, however for the idealist, who needs a physical test and to appreciate the peacefulness of the mountains all the more totally, administrators still offer the trekking form of the chase, which includes a trek of four days to the high nation. These chases are done in the spring (when the creatures are found at around 14,000 to 15,000 feet) and in the fall (when amusement climbs to 16,000 – 17,000 feet). Maybe no other nation moves the creative energy of the mountain seeker as does Nepal.



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