Dewaar Le Bhaauju Lai – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018


Guithe is the main character of this movie who has a bad habit of drinking wine. He lives in a remote area of Nepal. He is from poor family. His economical condition is very poor. He is a married guy and he looks like the age of 30-35. One day his wife ask him to cook rice and she went away. Guithe want’s to drink wine so he goes to the shop of wine with the plastic bag of rice. He already have to pay money in this shop. So, the shopkeeper first refuse to give him a wine but later when Guithe ask him to exchange a little wine with the rice, the shopkeeper accept his offer and give him a bottle of wine.

Dewaar Le Bhaauju Lai – New Nepali Short Movie – 2018

Guithe goes towards his home drinking wine on the way. He mate his brother in the road. They two drink and when they reach to their home. Guithe’s wife come and shout over them. After she goes inside home, the Guithe accept the purpose of him brother to exchange his wife and a bottle of wine with his brother. His brother goes inside his home and started to catch his wife. He is also drink so Guithe’s wife beat him easily. In this way this movie is trying to say that drinking is a bad habit and it can ruins your life.

Being a multicultural and multi-ethnic nation, Nepal is to a great extent observed as an undecided society with respect to liquor utilize. Be that as it may, with the progression of time, conventional approvals and standing bound restrictions have vanished. The utilization of liquor and medications influences all strata of society. The liquor business is effective and appreciates a fortress on the national economy creating one of the most noteworthy incomes. Liquor arrangement supports the showcasing of the item, and liquor is accessible all over the place and to all age bunches with no confinement. The simple access to and accessibility of liquor have made a greatly helpful social condition, particularly among the youthful, for individuals to start drinking. The counter liquor developments began by ladies’ gatherings bringing about dry-zones and restricted ranges, however delighted in beginning achievement, have not been manageable because of market weight and absence of legitimate standing.

In 2000, I had the chance to co-ordinate a national research program for CWIN (Child Workers in Nepal) as a component of a Local Action venture bolstered by FORUT. It was the main vast scale examine in the nation covering 24,00 family units in 16 regions speaking to both provincial and urban territories and in addition all biological and advancement areas. The examination gives the gauge data on the utilization of liquor, tobacco, and different medications crosswise over various strata of the populace regarding degree, setting, and examples of utilization. Next to the grown-up populace, the investigation additionally looks at start to drinking and level of utilization among youngsters and youth in the age amass 10-17.

The investigation found that around 60 for each penny of the Nepalese populace have encountered liquor and 41 for each penny have taken it amid the most recent a year. Among the individuals who have ever smashed liquor, 38 for every penny were observed to be utilizing it frequently (1-5 days in 30 days) and 10 for every penny are day by day clients (20+ days in a month). A bigger number of men than ladies drink (21 for each penny female when contrasted with 50 for every penny male taking any sort of refreshment over the most recent 30 days).

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More Details About This Short Movie

Dewaar Le Bhaauju Lai Dir

Edit: Bhupal Bantawa

Camera:Manoj Majhi

Story/Dialouge:Tanka Yogi

Cast: Tanka Yogi Anil Baral Susma Bhattrai Kumar Shrestha



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