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Sometime when you misunderstand some words it creates humor. Here in this video song the comedian Surbir Pandit who is also known as Daari Baa has a habit of saying Tapaiko {Yours}. He goes to the shop and ask a girl to give her Bath soap, and after that he ask for two milk pouches , instead of saying give me two packet of milk and the girl shopkeeper became angry. Don’t you have manner by saying this she became angry. After that Daari Baa describe about his habit.

Daari Baa Surbir Pandit is a very famous comedian. He is famous from a TV serials called “Meri Bassai”. According to her he is knows as Daari Baa and most of his fan doesnot know his real name. When he walk by road or meet fan’s in program and concert they used to call him Daari Baa. He also works in music video and Nepali movies also. He is a very talented actor of Nepali Music and movies industry.

This video is published in Youtube by Budha Subba Digital Pvt Ltd. This is a comedy video in which we can only see two character. This two character was played by Surbir Pandit and Sabnam. The camera and editing was done by Nikesh Maharjan. This comedy is wirtten, produced and directed by Joshi Ratna.

Actor: Surbir Pandit, Sabnam Camera

Editor: Nikesh Maharjan

Writer/Producer/Director: Joshi Ratna




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