Keti Le Thapepaxi- New Nepali Short Movie – 2018


Here is a new short movie about a girl and a boy. They are in college dress. They are watching videos in their mobile and having fun. In this video we can see a college life. The important and very entertaining section of life. This is a age of developing skill in a person’s life. This is a career making point in our life. If we goes in the wrong direction from this point of life we will definitely destroy our life.

Keti Le Thapepaxi- New Nepali Short Movie – 2018

This short movie is all about he behavior of a girl. There is a saying that the girls are more talkative than man. In this short movie the girls are showing talkative. They are gathered here and starts to talk about the behaviors of their own husbands. They even openly talks about their private relationship. In Nepalese and Indian society the girl who talks more taken as a bad girl. There is one saying “Pothi baseko” means if hen speaks it’s unlucky.

New Nepali Short Movie – 2017


Why women are So Talkative ??

American analysts discovered females are the more chatty s#x as a result of a unique “dialect protein” in the cerebrum.

The investigation, ordered by neuroscientists and clinician from the University of Maryland, presumed that ladies talked more since they had a greater amount of the Foxp2 protein.

The examination, distributed in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that more elevated amounts were found among people that were ladies however in rats they were guys.

Their discoveries come after it was already asserted that women talk around 20,000 words every day – more than 13,000 more than men




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