SAHAN NASAKEPACHHI – New Nepali Short Movie @2019


Here is a New Short Movie published by Kalinchowk Digital Nepal in Youtube. This video is all about bad judgement. A young girl of 20/21 goes to her friend’s home. When she call her with the girl name Kamala. She shouted here and there but didn’t find her.The door of her house is open, she goes inside but didn’t find her. She listen something from her friend Kamal’s bathroom.  She goes there and heard a sound like saying ‘Do it slow” Oh My God, by listening this, she got seduced and started to play with her body.  After that she slowly open the door and saw inside, she find that her friends Kamala is trying to put ring on her finger. His husband is helping her with the soap in her hand. Proceed To Video Click

SAHAN NASAKEPACHHI – New Nepali Short Movie @2019

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