New Nepali Lok Dohori | Keko Maya Launi – Hemanta Ale & Suman Thapa Magar Ft. Rina & Arjun


Ashish Music Pvt Ltd Present’s

Hemanta Aale, Suman Thapa MAgar and Prabesh Tamang’s

New Nepali Lok Dohori Folk Song “K Ko Maya Launi”


 More Details About This Song

Song Title : K Ko Maya Launi

Vocal : Hemanta Aale and Suman Thapa Magar

Lyrics and Music : Shiva Hamal

Production and Distribution : Ashish Music Pvt Ltd

Acting : Rina Thapa Magar and Arjun Gurung

Direction : Babbu Thapa

Camera : Durga Paudel

Editign : Prabin Bhatta

Production Control : Dilip Panta

Video Made by : Ekata Flims Pvt LTd

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This is a New lok dohori dancing song sang by  Hemanta  Aale and Suman Thapa Magar. In this video song  we can watch hot model Rina Thapa Magar. She is dancing very well with Arjun Gurung. She is the main attraction of this videos song. She is so fluent in dancing, when you see her dancing you may move you feet so control yourself. This is a lok folk song which is written by  Shiva Hamal. The video song is made by Ekata Flims Pvt Ltd and edited by Prabin Bhatta.

This song is saying that all of friends get married, one friend already have children. Our fortune is not getting us to married, all friends get married the girl also says in this song. This song is fully revolves round to the marriage story. They two girl and boy are describing about their fate of not having marriage. watch this song and enjoy.




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