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Nepali Teej Ratauli 2074 Nangai Hidne haruko Hai Hai”

Culture is a mirror of society. In Nepal there are many religion, cast and culture. All cast have different culture which have to be preserve but in recent years the youth are no taking interest in preserving their culture. Many of the Nepali culture are going to be extinct. Teej song is also another festival culture of Hindu religion people of Nepal. In recent years the method of celebrating teej festival in slowly changing. This culture is highly effected by Western culture. Not only western culture there is a huge impact of Indian Television Serials on effecting this teej festival. There is no provision of Male to sing a song in Teej festival, the daar festival of teej is celebrated inside home with family members, alcohol is not allowed in teej mainly in Brahimin and Chhetry cast. But today there is many bad impact are seeing in festival celebration like drinking wine, playing cards in Teej festival, celebrating teej before 1 month etc etc. Men are involving in teej festival with dancing and singing.

In this song the singer is saying same thing that the singer like jyoti Magar is popular because she wear hot dress in Teej songs videos. Watch this video song which was sang by Hari Giri and Deepa Mainali posted below.


Hamal Music Pvt Ltd Present’s

 In Lyrics and Music of Hari Giri “Bimarsha”

Dipa Mainali’s New Nepali Teej Song “Nangai Hidneharu ko hi hi”


More Details About This Song

Hamal Music Present’s

Song : Nagai Hidne haru ko Hai Hai

VocaL : Hari Giri “Bimarshi” & Deepa Mainali

Lyrics : Hari Giri “Bimarshi”

Music : Hari Giri “Bimarshi

Audio/Video : Hamal Music Pvt Ltd 9851079175

Direction : Devendra Pandey

Edit : Sujan Shahi

Camera : Basu Baral

Post Production : Hamal Films 9851079175

Model : Prakash Saput & Sonam Magar

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Report Shooting Video of Tirshana Budhathoki

Here is a video scene of Nepali popular comedian Jikri and Tirsana Budhathoki. This scene looks like from a video of song. In this video scene we can see Jikri and Tirsana romancing in bed. Jikri is trying to kiss her. Jeegri is a youthful law breaker continually pursuing Todpeni. Cockroach is the companion of Jeegri, Bariste is father of Jeegri.Bhadragol is a Nepali comic drama network show. Its prominence is expanding step by step. It shows up on NTV. Kumar Katel and Arjun Ghimire compose the show, and the chief is Nepali movie executive Shankar Acharya. The story depends on town life. The show stars Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Katel, Shankar Acharya, C.P. Pudasaini, Manisha Thapa and Hari Niraula.

Report Shooting Video of Tirshana Budhathoki

Tirsana Budhathoki was conceived on 27th Ashad in Dhading. She has 3 kin, one sibling and two sisters. With respect to her training and tutoring, she began her tutoring at Shree Karki Gau Ma Vi, Dhading till eighth grade and after that later participated in ninth grade at Shree Achene Higher Secondary School and finished her SLC there. Subsequent to finishing her SLC, she moved to Manamaiju, Kathmandu with her family. She did her +2 at Man Mohan Memorial College situated in Sorhakhutte, Kathmandu and later she sought after her Bachelor in Art.

Trisana Budathoki did some move trainings for 3 months from the well known Dipak KC and afterward took some propelled move classes from Narayan Rijal. Furthermore she likewise took some acting classes to ensure those two abilities would not be a powerless point in her vocation.

Proceed to Shooting Scene

Initially Trisana Budathoki began her own particular business by opening her own particular chilly store in Thamel and after that began her own bistro business in Newroad.She at that point presented herself with Rudra Kuikel who offered her to include in a music video. At long last she make a big appearance as a model from the tune Sarab Piuna Jau by Sworrup Raj Acharya. Later she presented herself with the Ranjan Rijal who at that point presented her with the astonishing artist Parshuram Rijal and she at that point got the chance to highlight in his melody. Not long after her first music video she highlighted in another music video Ago salkai Mutu Bhitra by Parshuram Rijal. After those two melodies she was seen by numerous executives. She begin to got offers and Trisana has featured in more than 2 dozen melodies.

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