Gothala Jada Ko Masti | New Nepali Short Movie


This short movie is about animal husbandry in Nepal. Nepal is a agricultural country. There are 80 percent people who are engaged in agriculture in Nepal of total population. In this video we can see small clip of method of animal husbandry. In Nepal Cow and buffalo is main product in animal husbandry. In this video the girl is calling boy and ask him to return her cow because it is going to heavy rain. The boy return her cow. She call him and ask him to sit with her, after he went to her he slipped and fall over her. After that they return home.

As the girl shouted from the hill, in remote villages people shout like this. They used to shout from one hill to another hill for support. in Nepal for butter, milk and meat goats, cows, oxen, buffalo are mainly kept in home. We are unable to find a single home in village area without this pets. Slowly slowly Nepal is now using modern techniques in animal husbandry so there is a lot of chances of development in animal husbandry field. Now there is a huge youngster who are involving in animal husbandry, poultry farms is one of them.

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Dairy products are also increasing due to the youngster involvement in Agriculture field. After going abroad and learning techniques from there, many youngster implements the international techniques in agriculture field which is helping to grow their income. They are also giving message to youngster who are going to abroad for job that they can earn morn in Nepal than in abroad.



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