Lanchhu Bhagayara – Pramod Shah & Purnakala Bc – New Lok Song Video

Here is a New lok song of Purnakala B.C. with very popular Nepali comedian Balchhi Dhurbe and Daari Baa. Lanchhu Bhagayara is a comedy type of song where we can see this two Balchhi Dhurbe and Daari Baa in a comedy character. Daari Baa is playing the father of the girl and Balchhi dhurbe is a boy who want to marry his daughter. This two comedian real name is different but they are well recognized by this names rather than their orginal name. They are became so popular from a Nepali Comedy Television program called “Meri Bassai” . Watch the song posted below and enjoy their act.


Ashish Music Pvt LTd Present’s

 In Pranita Pathak’s Lyrics and Pramod Shah’s Music

 Pramila Bhatta’s New Nepali Lok Dohori Song “Lanchhu Bhagayara”


More Details About This Song

Song Title : Chasma Lagayara [Lanchhu Bhagayara]

Vocal : Pramod Shah and Purnakala B.c.

Lyrics : Pranita Pathak

Music : Pramod Shah

Production and Distribution : Ashish Music Pvt LTd

Acting : Surbir Pandit, Balchhi Dhurbe, Buddhabir Thapa and Tika Jaisi

Direction : Bikram Chohan

Camera : Mukesh Humagain

Editing : Milan BK

Video Made by : B. Star Films Pvt LTd


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