Social Awarness Nepali Telehalachitra | Hot Nepali Movie – Drunkards

Well to Enjoy Nepal  are Making Nepali movie for social awareness. This movie tries to convey social message and activities in our society. If you see these kind of activities behind you. You can inform right person to stop s#xual accident.

Social Awarness Nepali Telehalachitra | Hot Nepali Movie – Drunkards

This Movie starts with three drunk person. They are fully dunked. One of them bring his two drunk friends to his home. They went to his home. His wife is waiting for him. When he came with his friends dunked she went to her bed to sleep. As soon as he reached in his bed he was in deep sleep because of the wine. One of his friends smell his wife’s bra. They saw her sitting in her bed. And they went towards her and of of them catcher her breast. and they started to play with her body. She cry for help with her husband but he didn’t listen. Watch full movie posted below.

Hot Nepali Movie – Drunkards


This movie is showing what can be happen whey you became fully dunked. You Family members are unsafe, your life is unsafe. This movie want to teach us that drinking is bad habit and it can ruins your life.

New generation moviemakers geared up to make sensible cinema with entertainment rather than Bollywood inspired socio-actions.

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Kagbeni, Sano Sansar, Mero Euta Saathi Cha, First Love, Kohi Mero, etc. are some of the fine examples of quality cinema in terms of presentation, performance, story and technical superiority. However, they lacked in connecting with the audience.

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